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"Return on Media offers a real personal touch in sales and marketing. Their attention to detail and careful management of our campaign was refreshing, and very successful." Mark Longaro, Ican Benefit Group.

"We've worked with Return on Media, off and on, for over ten years. We keep coming back to them because they offer excellent campaign management skills and a unique, creative approach to marketing." Shad Loh, Zip Search.

"Return on Media is a great company. We love working with them!" Dan Altman, Enova Financial.

Enjoy exposure across over 500 national cable networks and local television stations!

Our television marketing strategy offers clients the benefits of a limited risk advertising campaign alongside the opportunities provided by our network of over 500 TV stations, including national cable networks and local television networks.

Why is our strategy “limited risk?” Because you’ll only pay us for calls, not for ad clearances.

Typical Direct Response campaigns charge advertisers based on the clearance – or airing – of an ad. Whether or not that ad is successful in driving calls is not at issue.

But here at Return on Media we offer a fixed cost-per-call opportunity, meaning you only pay when people call in response to your ad, saving you up to 75% from traditional direct response advertising.

Ready to save some money and enjoy greater returns? Call us today, and we’ll get your ad on the air!


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